How to Be Happy: 20 Ways to Be Happier

Whenever the average person is asked, “What do you want?” the real answer is that they just want to be happier. Some may say, “I just want to be happy.” That means that right now, they aren’t. Others may be happy already, but want more of it.

So, this question about what can you do in order to be happier really DEPENDS UPON WHERE YOU ARE RIGHT NOW.

The point is, if you are depressed, for example, then the way to be happier is going to be different than if you were higher up on the emotional scale, like say, feeling bored. When a person feels depressed, it’s because they are feeling completely powerless. They feel powerless to change how they feel, and so they can also describe how they feel as hopeless, and a feeling of despair.

Hang on here for a moment because there’s a good reason for explaining this!

To ask a person to go from feeling depressed and hopeless to feeling love and passion is TOO MUCH TO ASK. It’s too far of a leap. It’s not reachable in this very moment. But the thought of anger IS within reach AND it is also a better feeling, which will assist them to FEEL BETTER or HAPPIER.

See the point?

When somebody wrongs you and you feel really depressed about it, doesn’t the sweet feeling of revenge feel better? When you are depressed, doesn’t anger feel better? Which feels more powerful? The feeling of being depressed? Or the feeling of anger? Anger does!

But of course, it’s never a good idea to act out on the fresh feeling of revenge or anger. What you want to do is to keep on thinking better and better feeling thoughts to work your way up the emotional scale without acting out.

So, anger and revenge is better than depression because it’s higher up on the emotional scale. That’s the point.

It’s all relative and it’s all okay! Where you are is where you are and there’s nothing wrong with that! All of this explanation is for one reason only… Whether you are depressed, angry, frustrated or bored, the thing to reach for is a better feeling thought.

Let’s cover that next.

20 Ways to Be Happier in Life

20 Ways to Be Happier in Life

1. Choose a Better Feeling Thought

Of all the things you can do, this one can be done whether you are feeling totally depressed, or feeling the exhilaration of passion and love. It doesn’t matter how you are feeling, or where you are on the emotional scale.

Think of that example of Viktor Frankl, the Jewish psychologist who was stuck in the middle of a Nazi concentration camp. When he was handed a bowl of water with a fish head in it for his meal for the day, he had a choice. He had a choice in that very moment to think a worse feeling thought than where he was, or a better one.

What did he do?

He chose the better one! He chose a better feeling thought and worked himself up the emotional scale to the feeling of appreciation which is very high. He must have already been feeling very close to that in order to reach it, but the point is that you have a choice in every single moment of life to choose a better feeling thought, or one that is worse.

The power of your mind and your thoughts to overcome anything and to create your own reality is mind boggling. Viktor Frankl showed strength and courage in the face of horrendous conditions. He didn’t let anyone, nor anything take from him any power that he had within himself.

That’s powerful. That’s courageous. And you can do it too!

Now that we covered THE most important thing you can do (and do right now) to feel happier, what are some other things?

2. Meditate

Meditation is a great way to raise your vibration and to feel better. The act of remaining conscious while quieting your mind helps you to feel better and happier almost every time you do it.

3. Visualize

Right after your meditation, try visualizing what you want for about 3 to 5 minutes. In your minds eye, see your perfect home, your dream car, your happy family, your backyard. Stroll around your house and take a visualized dip in your pool! Do it for the enjoyment of doing it…

4. Take a Walk/Run/Hike

Walking is great exercise. Running is great too. And taking a hike is probably best because it’s usually done in nature.

5. Get out in Nature

Getting out in nature is another great way to feel better. Waterfalls and rain, for example, create negative ions which actually have a positive effect on us! When the air smells fresh and invigorating, you’re sensing the benefits of negative ions. Enjoy!

6. Call a Friend

A good friend can instantly help you to feel better. The only problem with this one is if they are in a bad mood, it can backfire! It’s conditional, right? But usually, it’s an effective thing to do.

7. Make a Vision Board

Nowadays, they have apps on your phone where you can make a vision board or even a vision movie. But the good old fashioned one is best where you get a white board and a bunch of magazines and cut out what you want. Or, find what you want on the internet and then print them out. Do it with your family. One teacher did it with her 3rd grade classroom of students and they loved it! So did the parents.

8. Take a Nap!

Sometimes, the best thing you can do is to just take a nap and sleep off any negative feeling that you may have. Typically, you’ll feel refreshed and much better.

9. Clean House

Your environment reflects how you are. If you’re living in clutter, get organized and clean up. If there is too much, just start with one drawer or one room. You’ll feel better even if you make just a small effort.

10. Read

Reading a good book, in particular, a self-help, personal development book is a great way to feel happier. There are so many good ones!

11. Work Out

One of the best ways to stay young and fit is to work out. You can join a gym or get free weights and work out at home.

12. Volunteer

Volunteering is a great way to life your spirits, and those of others. You’ll feel great and meet a lot of wonderful new people.

13. Watch a Comedy

This is actually VERY underrated! People have cured themselves of cancer by doing this. Laughter is the best medicine!

14. Pet an Animal

Did you know that pets are pure positive energy, for the most part? Ever wonder why people are SO drawn to them? It’s because it feels so good to have a pet. This is why they have dogs that visit hospitals. Dogs are the best in offering unconditional love. Cats are good too but they’re so independent.

If you can’t pet your own animal, pet any animal you can get your hands on!

15. Get Creative

Play an instrument, paint a picture, draw on a blank page – do anything creative. Build something. Write a poem. Write a book! Write a love letter and don’t send it. Keep a journal. Do whatever you can think of to get creative. It will instantly make you feel better.

16. Eat Out

Indulge yourself and eat at your favorite restaurant.  Sometimes, good food, and or a good glass of red wine can be just what the doctor ordered to feel better!

17. Be Kind to Others

This may sound too obvious, but when you are kind to strangers, you get a dose of good feeling hormones released from your system, but so does the other person, AND so does anyone observing the act! It can be a triple whammy effect. This can be as simple as opening a door for someone, or helping someone in desperate need. We are all one, so in reality, you’re helping yourself!

18. Go Shopping!

Okay, so, buying things for yourself is a quick and easy way to feel better. Just don’t let it get out of control. You also don’t want to get “buyer’s remorse” and regret over spending.

19. Say Affirmations

Want to know the trick to saying affirmations that will work? Start with where you are right now. In other words, if you’re feeling depressed, don’t use an affirmation like, “I love my life and everything is great!” because you won’t believe it. Instead, say something just a little better than where you feel right now. For example, if you were feeling depressed, you could say, “This too will pass” and then gradually say affirmations that feel a little better and better.

20. Live Unconditionally

When you aren’t dependent upon anyone nor anything for your happiness, you have mastered all of life! Give unconditional love to others, your spouse, your children, all your friends, and all your family. And don’t let anyone stop you from choosing to be happy!


Those are a list of 20 things you can do in order to feel happier. The bottom line is this…

You have the control. You have the power. You have the ability to have a wonderful, fantastic life. There are no victims, and you are in total control. And the best way to feel better is to simply choose a better feeling thought from where you are right now!

When you get into the habit of doing it, it becomes easy…