11 Amazing Health Benefits Of Papaya Juice

The many amazing benefits of papaya juice make it understandable why it is referred to as the fruit of the angels, but luckily one that is on earth for you to take advantage of. Intrigued enough to want some of this heavenly goodness for yourself? Then let’s check out what it has on offer.

What Are Papayas?

Known binomially by the name Carica papaya, or traditionally as the pawpaw (or papaw), don’t make the innocuous sounding name of this fruit fool you. It is a nutritional powerhouse that gains superior versatility when made into juice.

Native to Mexico, and the Americas and Caribbean by extension, it is also cultivated across the globe in tropical regions today, meaning that this once rare and exotic fruit can be enjoyed year round regardless of where you are.

To make papaya juice, you blend the entire fruit pulp (removing the seeds first), adding additional juice, ice or water as necessary to obtain your desired consistency.

Papaya Juice Nutrition (per cup 250ml)

Calories 142
Potassium 77.5 mg-2% RDI
Total Carbohydrate- 36 g
Dietary fiber -1.5 g 6% RDI
Vitamin A- 18% RDI
Vitamin C- 12% RDI
Calcium-2% RDI
Iron-4% RDI
Magnesium-1% RDI

11 Amazing Benefits Of Papaya Juice

11 Amazing Benefits Of Papaya Juice

1. Enhances Vision

Papaya juice is an extremely rich source of the important Vitamin A, which plays a critical role in the maintenance of healthy vision and overall eye health. Ensuring that you consume enough Vitamin A daily can also reduce the oxidative burden borne by the eyes and decrease the likelihood of cataract, glaucoma or macular degeneration occurring.

2. Reduces Risk Of Cancer

Papaya juice consumption can play its part in reducing your risk of overall cancer development since it contains several different anti-oxidant vitamins and nutrients that can nip cellular mutations in the bud and prevent possibly cancerous changes from occurring. Papaya juice may have particularly good potential in reducing your risk of colorectal cancer and those of the digestive tract.

3. Improves Skin Health

Your skin is the body’s primary defense system against pathogens, and as such is often subjected to the rigors of the environment and other variables. Papaya juice consumption can help to support the structural integrity of your skin by helping to enhance the production of collagen, which is a large constituent of connective tissue types such as skin. Vitamins A and C also reduce the effects of excessive inflammation and oxidative free radicals causing damage. This explains why Papaya juice is highly sought after for its anti-aging effects on the skin as it can take years off of your appearance.

4. Prevents Constipation

One of the most well-known benefits of papaya and papaya juice consumption the world over has to be its ability to treat and prevent constipation by virtue of its fiber and water content. The primary causes of constipation are inadequate water or fiber in the diet, resulting in stool that is resistant to transit the length of the digestive tract without difficulty. The longer stool remains in the colon the harder and more compact it becomes, resulting in the classic constipation we all know of. Papaya juice loses some of its fiber if you remove the pulp of the fruit prior to consumption, but you will still get a fair deal of soluble fiber in any case.

5. Supports Immune System Function

Your resistance to illness is due in large part to how effective your immune system is at locating and removing pathogens before they can replicate and spread through the body. Anti-oxidant vitamins help support the health of the immune system and papaya juice is fortified with generous amounts of vitamins A and C. In addition to this, it is important to not forget that soluble fiber acts as nourishment for the probiotic bacteria residing in your digestive tract, with healthy colony size correlating to enhanced immune system function.

6. Assists With Blood Pressure Management

Papaya juice is not the richest source of potassium around, but when it comes to this mineral every little bit counts. Potassium is necessary for maintaining blood vessel flexibility in response to blood pressure changes, and is itself involved in the maintenance of ideal blood pressure by virtue of its vasodilatory properties. Potassium and sodium work in conjunction to maintain electrolyte and fluid balance which in turn dictates blood volume and pressure.

7. Reduces LDL Cholesterol

Papaya juice is an effective natural remedy used to reduce cholesterol levels by both helping reduce the absorption of dietary fats into circulation and by promoting the excretion of bile acids in stool so that the usage of stored cholesterol is heightened to cover the shortfall created. Papaya juice can assist with management of already normal cholesterol values as well, and can improve the important HDL to LDL ratio which is an indicator of overall cardiovascular risk.

8. Supports Cognitive Function

Neurodegenerative disorders can affect anyone and will usually not show many symptoms until it has been set into full motion. As such, a much better approach than waiting to see what happens is to preemptively work to reduce the likelihood of damage occurring to structures within the brain, or causing the deposition of beta amyloid proteins in the brain. These proteins are often found in the brain of patients with Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease, at which point it may be too late to stop the progression and worsening of the condition. Papaya juice reduces oxidative and inflammatory processes in the brain and reduces the speed or amounts of this protein deposited in the brain.

9. Helps Manage Asthma

Before the advent of common medication used to manage asthma and other respiratory illnesses, people had to rely on the beneficial effects of fruits for their flavonoid and nutrient content. Fruits high in Vitamin C are especially well-suited for assisting with reducing the frequency of asthmatic attacks, with papaya juice being an extremely rich source of it. Fruits high in vitamin C are believed to be so good because they possibly help modulate immune system response to allergens and dampening the bronchospasm experienced.

10. Promotes Lustrous Hair Growth

Papaya juice is believed to help with hair growth by enhancing blood flow to the scalp and providing several important nutrients to support the active growth phase of hair. This traditional use is believed to be so good that many people believe it can reverse hair loss, though it may not be much help in men with male pattern baldness.

11. Decreases Heart Disease Risk

Your relative heart disease risk is a combination of several different variables which interplay to determine how likely you are to experience a heart attack, stroke or develop heart disease over your lifetime. Papaya juice benefits several different aspects that reduce your overall risk, such a benefiting your blood pressure, cholesterol levels and reducing inflammation and oxidative stresses.


Papaya juice is here to stay, and with the impressive list of health benefits it possesses without a doubt it will only grow in popularity. Its well balanced sweet and mellow texture means that you won’t get tired of drinking this daily if you so desire, so get chugging!