21 Signs A Guy Likes You

The truth of the matter is that most men are not very easy to read, which makes being able to read how they feel about you very difficult. But all hope is not lost, because there are certain signs you can look out for- and these signs show that at the very least, a man is attracted to you. But what are those signs? And how exactly do they show that a man is interested?

Below is a list that answers those very questions. And if you’re interested in finding out what they are, all you need to do is keep reading.

1. He Remembers Everything You Tell Him

It seems horrible to generalize, but men, as a species, have a reputation for being very forgetful. So when a man remembers (with no prompts at all) everything you’ve told him, it’s a definite sign that he likes you.

2. He Keeps Making Physical Contact

Another easy way to tell that a man is attracted to you is when he keeps finding reasons to make physical contact with you. It could be something as simple as touching your elbow, to a full-blown excuse to hold your hand. Even the ‘accidental’ bumps that you aren’t paying attention to, count. This is all to say that if he’s trying to get closer to you, physically, he’s into you.

3. He Picks On You, In An Adorable Way

When you were a child and you asked your parents why a guy kept picking on you, you probably heard that it was because he had a crush on you. Well, that may not have always been true during childhood, but it’s a fact of adulthood. This form of teasing is actually flirting. And he’s getting to make you laugh in the process, which is always a plus.

4. He Gives Genuine Compliments

Another crime most men are accused of is not giving enough compliments, if any at all (sorry guys). The fact that a man is taking time out to make you feel good- and not in a way where he appears to be fishing for something nice to tell you, means he definitely cares.

5. He Seems A Little Shy Around You

There is a chance that a man can just be naturally shy, which is why you need to look at the way he acts with other people, too. If he’s the same timid person around his colleagues and friends, then it may just be a personality thing. But if you notice that he’s confident, funny and knows what he’s about when you’re not close by, you’re definitely having an effect on him.

6. He Tries To Get Your Attention Often

Have you ever been out in a social setting with a guy you suspect may like you, but you aren’t sure? One of the easier ways to tell is by taking note of whether he’s doing things to try to get your attention. Is he talking about something he knows interests you? And is he telling jokes or being funny and making sure you’re listening? If he is, then he has a crush on you.

7. He Tries To Make You Laugh

It’s no secret that one way to a woman’s heart is by making her laugh and men have used this method to charm women for centuries now. If you feel like he’s giving you special attention with the jokes, chances are he really is feeling you.

8. He Smiles Or Laughs At Everything You Say

You may or may not be the best comedian on the block, but if you’re finding that a man is making you feel like you are, there’s a huge possibility that it’s because he likes you. And it doesn’t mean that he’s not genuinely happy; it’s that he’s enjoying being in your presence, hearing your voice and hearing you laugh so much that he’d laugh at anything you said or did.

9. He Texts You Pretty Often

Men and communication aren’t known to go hand in hand. And this is why it’s such a big sign when a man constantly calls or texts to find out how you are, to talk about your day, and even to ask about the silly little things that don’t even matter. If you feel like he’s the one initiating the exchanges most of the time, he is for sure into you.

10. He Steals Glances When He Thinks You’re Not Looking

This is by far the most adorable thing a man can do because it almost takes him back to being a child with his very first crush. You know- when he’s so taken by a woman’s beauty that he can’t help but stare and keep taking secret little glances. If notice this is being done, there’s a big chance he likes you.

11. He Calls You For No Reason

This is another thing that men do only when they really like you, miss you or just want to hear your voice. Sometimes they’ll even make up little white lies as excuses and it just goes to show how into you he is.

12. He Flirts With You All the Time

Some men, just like some women, love to flirt. But you’ll definitely be able to tell if what he’s saying is genuine, versus him just doing it for kicks and giggles. If you can’t tell, ask a friend what they think or just go right out and ask him.

13. He Gets A Little Flustered Around You

If the guy is usually very well-spoken or put together, but keeps getting tongue-tied when he’s around you, it’s one of the most classic signs that you make him nervous. And what other reason would he have to be nervous if he didn’t have a crush on you?

14. He Gets Jealous When You Talk to Other Guys

Speaking of classic signs, a little jealousy is exactly what you need to determine whether a guy likes you.  If he bristles when other guys give you attention or tries to get your attention when someone else steals it away, he has a crush, at the very least. As long as it doesn’t get physical or go too far, then it shouldn’t be a problem.

15. He Tells Other People Nice Things About You

Now, this is a sign you’ll only see if the person or people your guy has told the nice things to come and tell you. In that case, you’ll be in for a very pleasant surprise, while also getting to know that this man isn’t afraid to talk about how he feels.

16. He Shares Personal Things With You

This sign is a little harder to confirm only because it could just mean that the guy trusts you. But it also means that he likes talking to you. The way to tell if he has feelings for you is to see whether he’s also trying to get you to open up in the process. If you’re just listening, it could mean that it’s just a friendship. But if he’s using this time to dig deeper into who you are, then he likes you.

17. He Wants You To Meet His Friends

A man wanting you to meet his friends may not sound like a big deal, but it is. These are some of the people who know him the best, in some ways, even better than his family. The fact that he wants to include you means two things- one, that he want s you to get to know him better through his friends and two, that he wants to see if his friends will like you just as much as he does.

18. He Makes Time For You, Even When He’s Busy

You can tell a lot about the way a man feels about you when he’s busy. In the start of any relationship, there’s really nothing that’ll stop a man from contacting you, even if he’s really busy. He will stop and take a minute or five out of his day to say hello. If you know he has a busy schedule but still makes time for you, he must like you.

19. He Gets A Certain Look In His Eyes

Unless you know this potential crush really well, it’ll be pretty difficult to tell whether this man is watching you strangely because he likes you or whether it’s the way he watches everyone. Again, if you aren’t sure, you can always ask a friend what they think.

20. He Tries To Help You In Any Way He Can

While it’s nice to believe that people are inherently helpful, no man makes themselves completely available to you unless they’re your relative or have feelings for you. This is further proven when you don’t have to ask, but rather, he offers to help- and all the time too.

21. He Wants To Know About Your Future Plans

Lastly, if a man is asking about what plans you have in the near or far future, it means that he’s interested in what’s going on with you and if there’s a possibility that he can be part of those plans too.

So here you have it, 21 proven signs a guy really likes you.